Top view of multiple open plastic water bottles

100% local - bottled at source spring water

Environmental Policy

Just Water Ltd recognises the importance of the environment. Our aim is to balance the needs of our own and client’s businesses against our desire to protect our natural environment.

Our staff are trained to recognise environmental issues when counselling clients and to sign post them to appropriate statutory and private sector bodies so that they may develop and implement their own business plans in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We also ensure we comply with all applicable environmental legislation and other relevant standards or codes of practice.

Our packaging is kept to a minimum by using shrink film only and no cardboard trays or boxes. Office waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner and wherever possible we reduce the use of energy by using energy efficient equipment and materials such as the latest low energy bulbs, ensure that lights are not used when they don’t need to be, ensure any leaking pipes or dripping taps are reported and repaired as soon as possible, and any equipment not in use is switched off.

As far as possible we also seek to source our stationery and other consumables made from renewable resources.

These policies are communicated to all employees, sub contractors and volunteers and our Environmental policy and management systems reviewed annually.

"a sustainable & environmentally friendly way"