Range of bottles to the left and bottle falling through water on the right

100% local - bottled at source spring water

Product Range

At Just Water our products come in a range of bottle sizes to meet all of our customer’s needs.

From small sports bottles ideal for shops, gyms and public events, to glass bottles for use in bedrooms, hotels, restaurants and conference centres, right through to large bottles designed for office -based water coolers.

A full list of our range, pack sizes and where the products are typically used is listed below to help you find the products that are right for you:

Image of the range of plastic bottles

Plastic Bottles Range

i) 330ml Still Screw Cap and Sparkling Screw Cap - Packs of 24 - mainly used for B & B’s, Bars, Packed lunch boxes, Shops

ii) 500ml Still Screw Cap and Sports Cap, Sparkling Screw Cap - Packs of 24 - most popular size used generally in shops, leisure centres, schools, etc.

iii) 2 Litre Still Screw Cap - Packs of 6 - mainly used in shops, homes, campsites and during very hot weather.

Image of the range of glass bottles

Glass Bottle Range

i) 250ml Still and Sparkling - Packs of 24 - mainly used in Hotel rooms, bars, cafe’s.

ii) 750ml Still and Sparkling - Packs of 12 - mainly used in Restaurants, weddings, conferences.

Image of a water cooler bottle

Water Coolers and Bottles

Water coolers to buy or rent. Provided in 19 litre bottles, the Just Water cooler bottles have been designed to fit any style water cooler system, making them perfect for offices and any high usage locations.

With our water cooler bottles, there is a minimum order of 3 bottles.